RTL Conversion for Rise 360

One of the limitations of the Rise 360 platform is the lack of RTL (right to left) support for course material. We provide this service by modifying your exported SCORM or web package and QA the entire course. Send us a ‘share’ link to your course for a free estimate for the conversion. Some block types require special formatting, including the media players and matching quiz.

Providing learning content in Arabic Right-to-Left (RTL) format is of paramount importance due to its potential to enhance accessibility, inclusivity, and effective communication.

Arabic is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with a rich cultural and historical significance. By offering educational materials in RTL format, institutions can cater to the linguistic preferences and reading habits of Arabic-speaking learners, ensuring a more natural and immersive learning experience. This approach not only facilitates better comprehension but also fosters a sense of cultural relevance, as learners can engage with content in their native script. Additionally, embracing RTL formatting aligns with the principles of diversity and inclusivity, acknowledging the linguistic diversity of the global learning community. In the digital age, where information is shared globally, adapting learning content to RTL format contributes to breaking down language barriers and promoting a more interconnected and accessible educational landscape.