Category: Custom Block Templates

  • Images in Rise, List with icon bullets

    Images in Rise, List with icon bullets Bulleted list with numbers, custom bullet colors Social Icons Social Icons with theme color

  • Alpha lists with children

    Alpha lists with children

    Rise has trouble with nested list items. Use this block template to get proper ordered lists. This is an alpha list upper case I go crazy when I hear a cymbal child alpha list lower asdf asdf And a hi-hat with a souped up tempo child alpha again asdf asdf

  • Borderless table

    Borderless table

    By default, tables in Rise always have a thin gray border. There are times when we don’t want any borders to show on the table cell data elements. Paste this into the text editor in Rise to display a table with no borders. Note: this custom table with inline styles cancels out the ‘selected’ state…

  • Custom Blocks: numbered dividers

    Custom Blocks: numbered dividers

    One of the limitations in Rise is the numbering of divider blocks. Here’s how to create your own system for organizing and dividing your content with custom dividers.   4f   3   3   16